Hardware invisible 100%, with hidden hinges in the heel


PVC windows with ActivPilot select hardware are distinguished by timeless elegance. The hinges mounted in the window are not visible, therefore it is an ideal solution for customers who appreciate the aesthetic aspect and the innovative solutions. Windows with these types of fittings are suitable for modern architecture but can also be used in the monuments to be renovated. Due to this type of hardware, the windows of the monuments preserve the original style.

Hardware standard is suitable for windows with a mass of 100 kg

  • totally hidden hardware that highlights the aesthetic aspect of the entire window
  • the permissible load of the 100 kg hardware, with the ability to adapt up to 150 kg
  • anti-burglar clamp in the folding opening wing
  • has the possibility of adjusting the pressure
  • micro-tilt


Fully hidden hinges from ActivPilot Select meet the highest requirements in terms of design and comfort. With only two components - a hinge and adapter plate - you can increase the carrying capacity of 100 kg to 150 kg.

The completely hidden hinges of ActivPilot Select for castors up to 150 kg confirm once again the Winkhaus's high innovation capability. ActivPilot Select is a state-of-the-art technology and offers with the new generation of hidden accessories an intelligent solution for large surface canals that meet high aesthetic requirements.