The Winkhaus security system for all external doors

With the launch of the overturning lock, the Winkhaus company has set new standards in the field of door technology.
Winkhaus opens up numerous opportunities for a marketing offensive aimed at end customers, based on the advantages these products offer for manufacturers of multi-point security doors. In this sense the trends are to improve safety and increase comfort and design. Another advantage for end customers in the private sector is represented by locks with a semi-open mechanism. These allow you to semi-open the doors without the possibility of unauthorized access. The semi-open function can also be unlocked from the outside, with the key, similar to the normal doors.


Wide range of products:




  • Eccentric lock
  • Multiple locks with tilting blocker
  • Triple lock with semi-open function
  • Mechanical / electronic lock
  • Lock for exit doors
  • Fire doors lock

autoLock AV3.

Sure thanks to the massive tilting latch. Recommended by the German.

Winkhaus autoLock AV3 closure systems are automatic, multipoint and feature a magnetic trigger in the frame. Two self-locking hooks provide security, while the double locking element ensures correct operation. They can be integrated for both manual and motorized opening.

Advantages of Winkhaus:

  • Automatic lock with magnetic technology, integrated into the frame
  • Easy unlocking by successive opening of the locking elements, respectively sealing
  • High security through the 25 mm hook and claw action, compatible with RC2 / RC3
  • Closed seal due to the two independent elements
  • Maximum height up to 2400 mm
  • Manual locking of the main bolt
  • Lock function on vacation time